On Broken Wings...  Songs of Healing CD
Our 2nd Release from 2009
On Broken Wings...  Songs of Healing CD
Liberate Us 5:36
"New Song Suite" 12:08
On Broken Wings 4:28
Bells For Glory 4:58
Finding The Lost 2:41
The Mirror 12:08
God Calling Yet 5:06
When The Labor's Done 4:35
Now Is The Time 6:19
Only Love Will Last 6:01
Be Still 2:16

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Everlasting Arms' 2nd CD
"On Broken Wings..."

Around 2006, with the development of high-speed internet and the ease with which we could share ideas from a distance, we re-committed to recording the large backlog of songs we had continued to write and accumulate through the years. We were simultaneously working on recording the music for three CD projects when Jim was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer in September of 2008, succumbing in December after a three-month battle. Jim's vocals were recorded prior to his diagnosis.

It was Jim's idea that both the theme of the music and it subtitle should be "Songs of Healing". The songs were written and chosen with this theme in mind before Pastor Jim's passing.

The album's tracks flow together to form a coherent "whole" piece of work that loosely shares a believer's "faith journey" with the "Songs of Healing" motif. We believe it is a powerful piece of work combining Jim's keen sense of melody and poetry, with Edward's piano-driven progressive rock-leaning musical sensibilities, and a multi-layered choir-like vocal sound, to hopefully point the way to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and bring glory to God.

Snow Geese