February 2007 Offering Of The Month:

"When You're In Love"
Written by Edward Jerlin
© 1988 Everlasting Arms Records & Publishing
All Rights Reserved

Our February offering, "When You're In Love" dates from 1988.

This one remains, nearly 20 years later, unashamedly my personal favorite of all the music I've written and recorded over the years: Six and a half minutes of non-stop intensity, a catchy melody, a hopping middle section, interweaving themes, an extended written-out synth solo/jam, leading to the bass break at 5:06, followed by the diabolical chords flying by, culminating in the craziness at 5:25 before it winds down and returns to a semi-normal-almost-anti-climactic but very happy wrap up. It also fits with the February Valentine motif.

The recording makes use of the technology that existed at the time that I could afford: the various synthesizer sounds, sequencer, drum machine... I played the lead synth parts in the middle section live along with the drum machine and sequenced parts, all mixed straight to cassette tape on the fly without any multi-track tape, CD, hard drive, or digital. The tape has been restored as well as can be expected.

I have plans to re-record this someday.
If I were doing it today:
So ends the disclaimers.

Groundhog Phil

A Merry Groundhog Day to you and yours,
from EvArms and Groundhog Phil